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– Who we are…

We are a group of ordinary European citizens who have joined together to form the Movement towards a European  Education Trust (MEET) to take advantage of an important new initiative set up by the Lisbon Treaty – the Citizens’ Initiative.

– Why?

We truly believe that Education, the Environment and the Economy are keys factors in the strengthening of Europe and in the building of a European identity. According to the TNS Opinion & Social report led by the European Commission (2011), the main concerns for European citizens revolve around these factors — and more specifically youth employment. Moreover, one can also perceive a general wish from Europeans to improve the educational levels across the continent.

MEET advocates for a EUROPEAN  EDUCATION for all, a multicultural and multilingual schooling including a more thorough European dimension in the respective curricula of each country, from primary to secondary school levels, and recognized by the European Baccalaureate.

– Think about it!

At the heart of an ever more solid and competitive Europe, it has become of primary importance for young graduates but also for our future generations to grow up in a multicultural European environment, in order to broaden their life and professional perspectives on the EU scale.

– How?

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) will provide a unique opportunity to enable citizens, for the first time, to request action on a specific issue in the form of a petition to the Commission. To fulfill our project, we need to gather 1 MILLLION SIGNATURES across Europe in order to be able to present it to the EU Commission and have it forwarded to the EU Parliament so that we as professors, students, pupils, and parents, but also YOU as Europeans, can eventually improve Education in Europe.

We want to provide a means for all actors in the educational field (professors, teachers, parents, students, associations, organisms, etc.) to come together, share and debate through a multi-stakeholder platform about how to improve Education and to promote a European dimension in primary and secondary schools curricula throughout EU countries. Eventually, all Europeans would be able to benefit from a qualitative and plural educational model, compatible with the objectives of “Europe 2020.”

– View the Petition and sign!

You can read the details of the petition in your language HERE and sign it! Spread and share the word, we need your contributions and help!

– And no worries, we thought about everything. See how we protect your data.

– Where are we now?

The European Commission approved this initiative on 16th July 2012 and the collection of signatures from citizens all over Europe has started in order to reach the 1 million-threshold within one year. >> Check out our latest news!

– You can also help us by becoming one of our pledge partners.


>> Do not wait anymore, join the campaign! <<

The MEET Team

Questions? Get in touch with us at meet@euroedtrust.eu.

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